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Why are my breakers and outlets tripping?

If you are noticing your items tripping often, this could be a sign of an old or bad breaker/outlet. Loosing wiring or an overloaded circuit are commonly found issues.

Holiday decorations such as lighting is a common call for the outlets to trip. It is important to have them checked out prior to setting up string lights and decorations.

Why are my smoke detectors chirping?

It is important to check these twice a year at minimum. Old or bad batteries often are the first to cause chirping. When it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. The average age for smoke detectors 8 years. Loosing wiring can also be a direct issue to chirping.

Why should I buy recessed lighting?

Recessed light bulbs are energy efficient and last longer than ordinary bulbs. This lighting is a great option for many rooms in your home, and there are many options to consider when choosing the best recessed lights for you including size, trim and bulb temperature. Recessed lighting is especially great if your home has a low ceiling.

Why did my outlet stop working?

It may sound silly but make sure nothing was pushed into the outlet that wasn’t supposed to be there. We have often seen that outlets can go bad due to a toy being stuck in one. A breaker may have tripped, old age, or bad device can degrade the outlet faster over time.

Why is my ceiling fan making weird noises?

If a fan is off balances the components hooked up to the ceiling can hit itself while the fan is on causing a noise to occur. Old age is common for noise and the motor failing. The fans bushing on the inside if bad can be a direct cause for any noise.

Why did my kitchen outlet stop working?

This is common in most households, GFCI devices or breaker have tripped.

Why is my A/C or Hot water not working?

Most commonly it is a tripped breaker. For the A/C a bad fuse or bad disconnect can lead to unit failure. [h2][h2][h3]

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